Playing Around With Blooms Digital Taxonomy

The other day I came across a pyramid with Blooms digital taxonomy  (Link updated 2012) but with tech tools on the different levels. I also came across a presentation but rather than web tools it had different iPad Apps at on the different levels.  I have always struggled to understand Blooms taxonomy, perhaps I just never looked at it closely enough maybe it’s just because the system is a natural and something I never thought about. But once I saw the visual representations it made something click for me and helped me understand what some of what Blooms taxonomy was all about. As I thought about the two visualizations and explored the different programs on each I realized that many of the tools were geared towards middle school and High School students. Many of the tools on the pyramid are not ones I could use in say a Grade 1 or 2 classroom. So I looked around a bit and came up with a mash-up of my own version of the Blooms digital taxonomy for the early years:

I am not 100% satisfied with the pyramid but thought I would share. Once I update it I will definitely let you know!

Here are links to some fantastic posters to do with Blooms Taxonomy.

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