The trouble with going paperless.


 Letter Dance  photo credit: rosmary via photopin cc

As the year progresses I am realizing I have a small problem that seems to be getting bigger and nagging on my mind. We are quite privileged to have a classroom set of laptops that we use all the time. We use them for so many things it’s hard to keep track sometimes. We have created many things this past year: Thinglinks for our Science projects, Websites for our Social Studies Projects, Endless Google Docs for our writing and collaboration. The list could go on and on but back to the problem at hand: I don’t know how to proudly show off these pieces of work in my classroom.

We’ve tried printing out our projects to put on the bulletin board but then we lose what makes these tools so awesome and end up with 2D dullness. (Sound! Animation! Video! All gone.) We can display them online but, it still doesn’t help with the classroom/hallway display space. I think I will try QR codes next to the print ups. I will teach the students to link their work to them and hope that people will a) have a device with which to scan with and b) know what a QR code is.

Ideally, I would like an interactive display. Something where a passerby could interact and explore our work on the wall. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a touch screen display where we can link our work. *Ah a girl can dream*.

How do you display your digital work in your classroom/hallway?


2 thoughts on “The trouble with going paperless.

  1. I found the same to be true in my class and found printing work to be an inauthentic way to share student work. Student work is always displayed on their blogs, but let’s face it the traffic there is light. So every week at the end of the week one student is tasked with going through all the kids blogs and finding good work and putting it on a memory stick. Then we plug that stick into a TV in our class and it acts as a moving slideshow–in theory we could have QR codes on there too!
    Currently this is just in my classroom but the school is 1 to 1 so as part of an overall school update on classroom space I’m recommending LCD TV’s in every room. If your interested in classroom spaces go to my blog

  2. I’m a bulletin board teacher; love to decorate them. My philosophy came from an inner-city school teacher/mentor: kids don’t always come from an artistic home so be creative with your space. I love your dream & share it. I too feel at a loss when projects are online… here’s to dreaming big!

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