Last Week I Learned…

Warhols Lightbulbs photo credit: zetson via photopin cc

Life is busy in when you’re teaching. Things roll along very quickly in regular week and things change. You have to adapt.

This past week I learned and was reminded that:

  • That launching a class set full of blogs is always a busy experience. You will hear your names 1000 times no matter your preparation.
  • How to embed a Google Form into our classroom blog. (It’s been a while. Glad to reacquaint myself with  such a great tool).
  • I tinkered with my Livescribe pen, Educreations and have come up a plan to create screen casts to post on our classroom blog. My starting point is to post an explanation of the weekly “Math Challenge” problem. The possibilities are beginning to form in my head…
  • I was reminded that students will always surprise you. My surprise was in a discussion on problem solving. One problem 10 ways were shown to solve the problem.
  • People are willing to help you out. You simply need to ask. My good friend and I have enlisted some great help from our Twitter PLN’s for our upcoming #SAGE2013  presentation all by simply asking them if they would help us.
  • That if we set class goals we can and will achieve them. We are a work in progress and there are learning moments each and everyday.

Can’t wait to see what the week ahead brings!


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