An Optimists World

Colourful Crayon Rainbow photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

Yesterday I did an idea generation activity that usually use to kick off the school year. I forget where I read about it (I will give credit once I remember) but the activity is simple students divide their page in half and on one side write ‘Love it’ and on the other “Loathe it’. They then brainstorm some of the things the love and they loathe. Then when at a later date they say “Ms. Bertram… I don’t have anything to write about.” we can refer back to their ‘Love it and Loathe it list’.

As the students were working creating their lists I had a few very concerned students say they didn’t have anything or very much in their loathe it lists. I simply said neither do I because life is too short to dislike many things and a short loathe it list isn’t a bad thing.


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