Learn Camp ending the year off right.

On Tuesday to kick off our last week together my coworker and I decided to run an EdCamp style day for our grade 3’s and 4’s.  We helped organize Edcamp Winnipeg in June and were interested to see how our students would respond to our very own Edcamp. When our students walked in to the school they saw signs for  RVS Learn Camp. We started just before recess explained the purpose of the day: Teach, Learn and Play. They were asked to think about what they could teach their peers about. Something they were had knowledge of and wanted to share with others. They were also asked to think about things they wanted to learn more about. We left the day wide open, just like normal Edcamp. We were simply there to help facilitate and learn with them.

Oh the twinkle in our students eyes when they realized we meant what we said… wide open floor!

Once they had filled out their Q cards with ideas they came and shared with their peers what they wanted to teach or learn about. Some of the ideas that were brought forward were: teaching people how to create minecraft people, how to write a play, how to create a tessellation picture to learning more about famous artists and how to draw animals.


Topic Suggestions

During recess Jenn and I put together a schedule for our Learn Camp and organized it into 6 time slots of 30 minute intervals. Each time slot had 2 sessions running at the same time. As luck would have it we had exactly the right number of topics to fit our schedule! We booked a computer lab for the day and had our classrooms open for sessions.  When the students came back from recess we gave them a quick rundown of the ‘rules’  and the students launched into their first session!

Rules for the day:

– Today is about learning. If a session isn’t meeting your learning needs go try the other session.

– If someone comes to a session they must be included.

– Have fun!

Session Pictures:


Tesselation Art Station


Build a Minecraft Model Station


Learn how to draw station


Learn how to draw station

It was so cool to see what they came up with! The students totally embraced the concept bringing their knowledge from their own lives and even from what they learned in school to share with others. It was quite amazing to see our two classes move from session to session totally engaged in what they were doing every step of the way. When we asked them at the end of the day if they enjoyed it the kids said they loved it! The liked being able to pursue what interested them and to teach each other about what they were experts in.

Jenn and I both agree that this is something we would try again with our students as we think now that they know what a Learn Camp is all about, next time they will push themselves even further.


3 thoughts on “Learn Camp ending the year off right.

  1. Thanks for sharing how you believe in the learning of your students and really made “to teach is to learn” happen for them!

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