Mentors Matter


 Shadows Trekking photo credit: manufrakass via photopin cc

‘If you genuinely want to learn. People will help you.” N.Bertram

As the school year is winding down and I am getting ready to wrap things up my mind has turned toward my journey through the past few years. Last week I had a long conversation with my brother around the idea of mentors. I have had an incredible first year teaching and would not have been able to have reached this point with amazing guides along the way.  Although we work in very different professions my brother and I have both actively sought out mentors in our respective fields. People we can learn from and that can help us grow. In some cases our mentors have been our direct superiors. Some have been colleagues in our buildings and still others are people we have met at other stages of our lives. All of them have shaped who we have become and we are both indebted to these people who have helped us along our journeys.


They share their passion and help you ignite yours.

They share their knowledge and help you learn.

Provide a perspective you may have never considered.

They don’t judge but strive to give balanced advice.

Push your thinking and challenge your ideas.

Encourage you to consider your checks and balances before diving head first into risky situations.

Provide wisdom and insight when you feel lost.

~ I am thankful for each and every mentor in my life. I look forward to learning and growing more as the years progress. ~


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