If you want to see it. Be it.


 Humanity, Love, Respect photo credit: B.S. Wise via photopin cc

If you want to see your students be curious and embrace learning do so yourself. If you want your students to be fearless and to take risks in their pursuit of knowledge do so yourself. Share your passion for learning. My students know that I am always reading and trying out new things my classroom.

If you want a community. Create and show it.  It is as simple as saying hello and asking how someones day is going to show that you value community. We talk as a class everyday before school starts. It is our community meeting to show that we care about each other. A time where anything can be brought to the table and shared with each other.

If you want innovation  and ingenuity show them that you are willing to tweak things to make them better. Allow opportunities to try new things and get creative.

If you value reading and want your students to be readers and writers share what you are reading and writing with your class. I often share what I am reading and why I am reading it. The purpose is often different but they know reading is a part of my life. They also know that I blog and that it isn’t easy for me to get my thoughts on ‘paper’ but it again it is a part of my life and makes me a better teacher.

If you want to see joy and happiness take pleasure in what you do, pursue and share your passions.

If you want to see kindess and respect show them in every action you take. Be equitable, show integrity, be kind, be gracious and be humble.


Earlier this week entered the classroom after lunch clearly excited and inspired by an idea. Once she was given the go ahead she busily started working on her idea. After she had finished she handed me the note above entitled “Why Ms. Bertram is Important”. As I read through it I teared up when I came to the lines ‘You are nice and kind. You are helpful and you show respect.’ The core of my classroom management has always been Respect and Kindness. We spent the first few months of school discussing why these are so important to our community. I model it everyday for my students in every action I take. Those two lines showed me that they see it. They get it. And that makes me proud.


3 thoughts on “If you want to see it. Be it.

  1. Managing a class of students is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers. The resources below offer suggestions for effective classroom management, including tips for creating classroom systems, organizing your reading program, ideas for room arrangements, and activities for students who finish their work early.

  2. As a teacher I have many skills that transfer easily to other professions. Given the constantly changing dynamic nature of an average classroom teachers must have the ability to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected circumstances. In a way teaching is akin to sales. Salesmen have to sell themselves first and the product second. Teaching requires a genuine rapport with ‘customers’ who sometimes don’t want to be customers. Therefore, self-confidence and genuineness are essential. Another key to making strong connections with people is an honest and profound cultural awareness. Children of all kinds end up in my classroom and I have to be equipped to connect with them. Also, research is a fundamental aspect of my job. I teach Advanced Placement US History which offers college credit if the associated exam is passed. I continue to do research year after year to ensure I have the most complete historical information and am using the most effective teaching methods to assure the the highest level of learning for the greatest number of students. Classroom management, time management and community management are vital. Teachers deal with hundreds of kids each day and must structure class periods to make effective use of time while effectively teaching skills and knowledge in a constructive and comprehensible manner. Additionally, teachers are linked to the community through regular meetings with parents and other members of the community. Therefore, they are public figures in ways other professionals are not.

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