The Bliss of Being

Happy girl Hopschotch in Strawberry photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography D Sharon Pruitt via photopin cc

After being away sick two days this week it was wonderful to back in the classroom on Wednesday with my students.  They were so excited to tell me about the sculptures they had made in their Outdoor Ed block and how they couldn’t wait to paper mache them!

Today was the day they got to get their hands sticky and bring their animal sculptures to life.   As I sat watching them working away talking, laughing and happily creating with their hands. I couldn’t help but relish the joy and happiness of simply being together and learning.

Today was a good day. Pure Bliss.


One thought on “The Bliss of Being

  1. It’s funny Mary: I had the same thoughts this week too. It was as my students were creating their Teapot Boxes for our Teapot Project. As they were cutting and taping boxes, painting and decorating, and recording their thinking, I enjoyed just sitting back and watching it all happen. It was fun and exciting and a wonderful activity to watch. This makes me think that we need more opportunities to get students creating and collaborating where the room can be constantly buzzing with excitement and learning. How do we ensure that this happens?


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