4 reasons I adore teaching fourth graders..


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I have had the honour of working with school aged students for a very long time and truly love helping kids learn. It’s no secret I have fallen in love with teaching the fourth grade over the past two years. The first day of practicum last year my co-operating teacher said “Once you teach fourth grade you won’t want to teach any other grade.” It seems what she said is holding true. This year has been challenging at times but overall it has been a wonderful year.

1) Fourth Graders love to share and collect things.

Some days I get to school and our morning meeting turns into a full-blown show and tell session. My students love sharing what they did on the weekend or to show their classmates one of their favourite toys. I don’t mind giving up the first 10 minutes of our morning to facilitate these sessions because I know this will help build our community of learners and allows me to get to know my students better. We can discuss our vision for our classroom and decide what we want it to look like and what we need to do to get there.

2) Fourth Graders are just starting to get their middle school sass.

As the year progresses they really do start getting that sass and like to try it out whenever they can. One of the things I appreciate the most about my class is that when I ask my students their opinion on something they are happy to share their ideas. Class debates and discussions are not uncommon in our classroom. 

3) Fourth Graders are curious, eager to learn and work hard.

Fourth graders are very curious. No matter what the kooky ideas I throw out to my students, they are usually willing to try it out. If they want to tweak a project or product they will let me know. My students love when they are interested in something and are given the tools to learn more. 

5) Fourth Graders are hilarious & they find me funny.

 I suppose this goes in hand in hand with the sass point. Some of the stuff my students say is simply amazing and just makes me smile and laugh. It also helps that I can crack jokes and they laugh at them. I am no comedian but being able to laugh together is one of the biggest gifts ever.

I am sure these points hold true for other grades but who knows where the next few years will take me all I know forsure is I am happy teaching my bunch of fourth graders.

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‘Inspired’ By Krissy Venosdale via Flickr cc


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