Falling Into Our Imaginations

Here is an overview of an integrated art / writing lesson I did with my students last month.

It all started with a simple video I found on The Literacy Shed.

After watching the video we discussed what happened in the video and what happened to the boy as he fell into the ball pit. I then introduced them to the  art concept of foreshortening using a Powerpoint from http://www.mrsbrownart.com/5th.htm (Lesson is called: Falling into Foreshortening. 1/2 way down the page).

I then challenged the students to create an image of them falling into ‘something’ using the technique shown in Mrs Browns blog. The process is pretty simple. Students first trace their feet onto the bottom of the page and then trace their hands so their toes overlap the bottom of the palm of their hands. They then draw their body to create the complete the illusion of them falling.

After the students were done they were asked to write a short piece about what they were falling into. (I had modelled my own process from art piece to written piece).

Time Allotment:

3 – 4 classes

(One student even finished the project at home while she was sick!)


Large pieces of drawing paper,

Pencils and Erasers,

Pencil Crayons,

 You may want to use markers to really make the pictures pop!

We had students falling out of planes, into a ball pit, into hockey arenas and one was even shot out of a volcano!

Here are the final products:












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