Why all this Mooc’ing Around? Rhizomatic Learning at its finest..?


Mucca Curiousa photo credit: mastrobiggo via photopin cc

Last night I caught up on Monday’s #etmooc session on Rhizomatic learning. All I can say is ‘wow’, great session! Dave Cormier delivered a thought provoking hour lecture that is well worth the watch and after effect ponderings.

(P.S. Blogpost has been written in the midst of feeling sick – so excuse any disordered thoughts).

So how is #etmooc and rhizomatic learning a match made in heaven? Well…

It’s unstructured – One need only look at what is going on it #etmooc (http://etmooc.org/) to see that there is a loose structure with very few limitations.

It is difficult to control  and we don’t know where we will end up– The course creators haven’t told us what to do or where to go with the course. It is simply up to us to see where the adventure will take us.

– It is pretty disorderly – With such a big course there is lots of discussions going on. Communities have grown out of mutual interest and there are people from every part of the education community participating.

– Independent learning – There is no set path in this course. It really is unpredictable and responsive. We blog and discuss the topics that interest us. We are responsible for our own learning and that of others. 

 Community is our curriculum – #etmooc is all about community and connection.

So now why all this Mooc’ing around?

  • It’s all about the learning. I don’t need to have course credit in order to motivate me to learn.
  • It helps build connections and expose me to ideas I may otherwise have never encountered. ( E.g. Rhizomatic learning)
  • It works with your schedule. If you don’t participate or miss a session you won’t be in trouble.

Are Moocs for everyone? No.

(The chaos is breathtaking sometimes)

Will it work with every type of course? No. The model is by no means a one size fits all solution.

Should you try them out? Most certainly!

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