First Day Butterflies

I have been a terrible blogger this summer with posts being few and far between. Hopefully now that school is session I will have more to write about! So here goes the first post of the new school year!

As I sit here this evening the hours tick closer to my first official day as a teacher. As the title would suggest I have those first day butterflies that we all know so well. I switch from excited on minute to nervous the next. It’s hard to know how things will go until they happen. I have all my resources collected and options available if things go terribly wrong. Here’s to a great first day with my Grade 4 students!

 photo credit: Kalexanderson via photo pin cc


One thought on “First Day Butterflies

  1. You will love it. You will be fine. Remember to listen to the child. Take your direction from each one… before curriculum. Remember ” high child input and high adult input”. Enjoy !

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