Math Manipulatives on a Budget

As the summer days tick by  and the new school year is quickly approaching. Being a new teacher this has meant a lot of planning and thinking about what I want in my classroom. On  recent stop at the local dollar store I happened across these little wooden blocks.

As I stood there looking at the blocks an idea struck me, ‘Why not make them into math manipulatives?’. At $1 for 52 blocks I could  easily make a new set of multipurpose manipulatives for my classroom. Armed with a few fine tipped permanent markers this is what I came up with:

One activity idea is that students can grab a few numbered blocks from the bag roll them and then be challenged to create the largest or smallest number possible from the numbers they rolled. Another idea is to use the blocks to create number sentences depending on what we’re working on at that time. The possibilities are almost endless, so for $2 I think this is a great addition to my math corner!

I went back later in the week and came up with these coloured alphabet blocks. Perhaps a good tool for ‘Work on Words’ in Daily 5?


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