Hitting Refresh

C.C. Mary Bertram

Ah it seems like just yesterday was the end of the last day of practicum for me. As matter of fact, I’ve been so busy lately that yesterday has turned into 8 weeks since I finished practicum. After university ended I dove right in started my summer job kicking off and coordinating a summer program that by the end of August will have provided over 300 presentations around the province. In between training, presenting and putting out mini work related fires I was running around fully engaged in the teaching job hunt! That meant applications, portfolio touchups (it truly is never going to be complete, interviews and a few rejections to fill up the gaps in my already busy schedule. Needless to say by mid-June I was drained. My summer pace was finally catching up with me and it was time for me to hit refresh and re-energize myself.

I took what felt like a significant break from blogging and Twitter and started  taping into my support network of friends by making a  point of having dinners, coffee dates and great conversations.  The other day I was watching “It’s kind of a funny story” on T.V. when a psychitrist said to her patient “It’s important to have a support system… people you can really talk to”. I don’t know why but this line hit a a chord with me. Although many of these individuals I had made a point to reconnect with were my direct competition for the very few teaching spots available in Manitoba, it is really important to connect with people who understand exactly what you’re going through to give you a bit of perspective. There is nothing like knowing you’re not the only one who sends in dozens of applications only to hear back from one or two schools.

Next on my list I went to the local public library and got lost in some fantastic fantasy and science fiction novels. In no time I was engrossed in a series of novels and I simply could not get enough. I have to admit I haven’t read a book for pleasure since December so reading for fun now feels like such a wonderful guilty pleasure!

After two weeks I am feeling bit more renewed and am slowly starting my prep for September. The truth is I will be busy for the remainder of July and August with planning and finishing up my summer job. But I hope that I will be able to pace myself to be ready to face the world (my very own classroom!!) fresh faced and rejuvenated!


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