You See Colour Samples… I See..

As a new teacher I find myself thinking of all the resources I would like to get ready for my future classroom. Because I am fresh out of school and am still looking for a classroom to call home, I can’t quite justify spending oodles of money on supplies just yet. With a great conversation with a friend, a bit of inspiration and an eye for ideas, here is what came from a trip to the hardware store with another teacher buddy of mine.

Dotcards to for subitizing games! 

(A fun way to increase fluency and number sense)

 Alphabet squares for an alphabet wall!

A Word family game idea I  found from The Snail’s Trail &  My Crazy Simple Life

 (Check out their blog posts they’re awesome and full of more great ideas for the word family game!)

So there you have it! A few colour samples from the hardware store and three new bright colourful ideas for the classroom! My next stop is going to be at our local ArtsJunktion (a great place for any budget conscious teacher)  to see if there are any similar supplies I can gather for free!


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