“Best Days Ever”

photo credit: Untitled Mandy Frediani via photo pin cc

Late last week close the the end of practicum I got a comment from a kid that pretty much sums up how I feel about teaching.

This is the best day ever!

There were many days  if not all the days of practicum that I said the same the exact same thing. Teaching is crazy, the days often fly by so fast that it almost  takes your breath away but in the end of it there is no feeling quite like it.  From the moment that first bell rings (okay maybe even when you walk in the  front door) until the moment you get home you are constantly running around solving problems, answering questions, cracking jokes and sharing the joy of learning with your students and the school community.  Teaching is so much more than just the material covered in class it’s also about the interactions, the experiences and wonders that happen in the classroom each and everyday. Teaching is hard and no day is every the same but it is worth every moment.

As I work during the next few months at my other education related job I hope to sort through my teaching journal and resources and  to share them here on my blog! So keep coming back because I am quite positive it’s going to be another exciting and fun filled summer travelling the province teaching kids about road safety (Amusing comments and stories will be shared!). And although this all means I am done practicum and full-time teaching until September, I truly can say I can’t wait to have many more “Best Days Ever!” back in a classroom in the future!


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