Pastel Easter Art

Today marked the end the fourth week of my six week practicum block and the beginning of the Easter weekend. As I have been student teaching this block, I have noticed drawings being created and carefully hidden from view during my lessons. Creativity is something that I truly do think should be fostered and encouraged in all subjects in the classroom. After a week that seemed to fly by, I thought to myself the day before the easter weekend my students are bound to be chatty so I should probably plan smart and prepare an activity where being chatty wouldn’t be a problem.

My thoughts on what I wanted to do were simple: I wanted to use pastels and I wanted the students work to bright and colourful.  Here is what we ended up doing to bring colour and a celebration of Easter into our classroom!

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Materials: oil pastels, scissors, cross templates, white paper

How to:

1. Fold a piece of paper in half and create a cross cut-out.

2. Place the cut out on top of a scrap piece of paper and colour an outline around the cut out.

3. Place the now coloured template on the good copy  piece of paper and using a finger smudge in and fill the open space exposed on the good copy. You will end up with a coloured cross on your good copy piece of paper.

4. Refold the template and trim the cut out to make the cross bigger and repeat step 2 with a new colour.

5. Place the coloured template over the smudged cross created in step 3 and repeat the smudging process.

6. As you continue repeating steps 2 -4, your cross will grow bigger.

Final thoughts:
I thought this activity was loads of fun and all the kids really loved it!  Even the ones who groaned when the saw “Art” written on the board when they walked into the classroom in the morning probably because they were able to sit and chat with their friends while working. Some students modified the activity either due to not listening to the instructions or simply because they had other visions for their work. The pieces created were beautiful and everyone was very excited to mount their creations and take them home to their parents.

For our next activity I think we will create some pieces inspired by the work of the abstract artist Wassily Kandinksy. I already have ideas to incorporate it into our Math is Everywhere series! Take a look and see what you think and


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