Acts of Kindness

Today was my first day back at practicum, the beginning of the end student-teacher me, in 6 weeks I will be done all my obligations to my faculty and I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Education degree. That’s right the end is in sight and soon I will be a fully fledged teacher, *gasp*. One part of me is looking forward to being done and having my own classroom one day soon, it is truly going to be amazing! But another part of me is panicking because I’m not quite sure where that classroom will be yet.

With all that being said I walked into my classroom today feeling the full weight of the beginning-of-the-end combined with that dreaded Monday morning feeling we all get. I just wasn’t at my 100% chipper self nor was I looking forward to my day ahead. Needless to say, it all changed when I was handed a package by one of my grade 4 students which included the items below:

After reading through that list my mood and attitude changed instantly and I was finally in the frame of mind I should have been in to begin with this morning. In fact, I am still smiling as I am about to sit down and write a heartfelt thank-you note to my student telling her this is exactly the boost I needed today to remind me why I chose to be a teacher. It’s amazing what a small act of kindness and encouragement can do.

Pictures: C.C. Mary Bertram


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