I got that look again today. You know the one when you tell someone you use Twitter for PD…

I got that look again today. You know the one when you tell someone you use Twitter for PD. The one that says I am skeptical of what you say and Twitter is only another form of the Facebook status update. Actually I got that look twice today from two different people when I told them I use Twitter for some of the best PD out there. So I thought  why not create a quick list of 5 things I learned on Twitter today.

So here goes, here are 5 things I learned on Twitter today:

  1. I joined in on my first #mathchat discussion tonight where the topic was “Why isn’t all math taught through games and puzzles?”. The topic totally got me hooked when I saw it and I just had to join in. I loved seeing the discussion about the pros and cons of using games/puzzles to teach math and has really started to get my thoughts on the matter going! Here’s their wiki: http://mathschat.wikispaces.com/ a transcript of the twitter discussion should be up in a few days!
  2. I Learned that teachers are passionate about helping teaching students about kindness and willing to share great ideas with each other via a wonderful #ntchat! Here’s the link to their wiki the transcript of the #ntchat on teaching kindness should be up in a few days: http://newteacherchat.wikispaces.com/
  3. Here is the link to the Manitoba-educators daily that aggregates the day’s top links that were shared by teachers around the province: http://paper.li/amckiel/manitoba-educators (Always a good read b/c you really don’t have time to read all the links that get tweeted out!).
  4. I learned about some new things I never knew google docs can do,which  especially great because I use it regularly to work on collaborative writing projects with peers! http://enterprisefeatures.com/2011/01/huge-list-of-amazing-things-you-didn’t-know-google-docs-could-do/
  5. I learned that when I use someones picture in my blog and credit them, they check out my posts and I get Thank-yous via Twitter! (Yay for Creative Commons!)

I could go on and on because the learning and sharing really never stops on Twitter. So happy Twittering and remember “Always be Curious”!Oh yes, don’t worry I did do the obligatory story about how Twitter really does help me learn (and share)!

photo credit: Conor Keller | fortysixtyphoto.com via photopin cc

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