Need a new way to get your kids to writing? Try storybird!

A few months ago I came across a wonderful web-based program that helps get the creative juices flowing and inspires writers using beautiful pieces of artwork!

The premise is simple, you pick from a gallery a piece of work that inspires you and you begin to create your story. The illustrations on Storybird are simply amazing! If you want you can browse through the gallery of work or you can meander through a variety of topics and find work that hits a cord with you! One you have chosen a set of artwork you and have entered the creation space, it is as simple as dragging pictures into the white rectangle and writing! You keep adding and writing until your story is done! The simple navigation of the program makes it easy for students of all ages to use!

What a perfect way to get reluctant writers to write using visual prompts!

If you explore the account settings for teachers you can create class lists where you can set assignments for students, grab the embed codes for their storybirds and many more perks! Check out their site at: and see where the power of beautiful art can take you and your students!

Below is an example storybird I quickly created for this blog post, if you click on the link below the image it will take you story entitled “Dreamland”.



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