Paper Vs Digital: a Portfolio Builders Puzzle

It is January and as a graduating education student this means that it is time to start building a portfolio. As a dutiful student I have been collecting bits and pieces from my classes and practicum terms and have started the process of building my hard copy portfolio. With the guidance I have been given in class and with input from my peers, the hard copy portfolio is taking shape.

Traditionally paper portfolios have been and continue to be the norm in my particular faculty.  But you may have noticed that in the last paragraph I said hard copy portfolio, yes that was intentional, this year I decided to embrace technology and integrate it into my teaching. As a result I am finding it hard to transition some of the materials I have used in class from a rich multimedia context of a computer to a humble sheet of paper while still being able to communicate the power of the tools I have used.

Posed with such a dilemma, I have decided that it only makes sense for me to create a digital version of my  portfolio and see where it takes me. It supports me in my exploration of technology and helps me present pieces I would otherwise not be able to present in a traditional paper portfolio.  The first few problems have already emerged but I am confident that within a week or two I will have a digital version of my portfolio up and running!


2 thoughts on “Paper Vs Digital: a Portfolio Builders Puzzle

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