A Year in Review a Look Back and a Gaze Forward

I originally started this post in late December but left for a trip and didn’t have time to finish it up before leaving. Instead of abandoning it I thought it might be nice to finish it up and set some goals for the new year!

20100224 Horsehead and Flame Nebula
c.c.20100224 Horsehead and Flame Nebula

So it is getting close to that time of year when you look back and see what you have been up to for the past 12 months. It is a time to think about where you have improved, where you need to improve and what you would like to achieve in the next year.

In no particular order and by no means exhaustive I present to you a look back at my 2011:

  • I have started to understand the passion for teaching that so many teachers have spoken about. Getting excited about teaching is a great feeling!
  • Confirmed my belief that the best learning takes place in a positive classroom environment and learning community.
  • I realized that I am responsible for my professional development and that I shouldn’t wait for anyone to give me the answers but I should look into and researched them myself.
  • Started to read educational blogs and learned from other professional.
  • I entered the world of blogging and found that it helps me articulate my views and ideas in ways I never thought possible.
  • Delved into technology to get over my fear and found that the possibilities are endless when it comes to technology and education.
  • Integrated technology into my teaching when possible and appropriate!
  • I’ve learnt how to listen to the needs of the students in my classroom.
  • Partnered and met with educators whom I have a great respect for, to collaborate and share ideas with.
  • Built two silly but fantastic Trash-o-saurus sculptures with kids ranging in ages from 5 -9 years old. One in the classroom as a teacher and one at a community centre I now know that kids love ESD!
  • Fallen in love with the fact that in the early years I get to teach everything!!
  • Figured out that I really can teach all those subjects I was nervous about teaching.
  • I joined the world of Twitter and realized it isn’t just a medium for to share what you just ate but rather is fertile ground for deep conversations with other educational professionals.
  • Twitter is amazing for sharing resources!
  • Travelled throughout Manitoba educating young and old alike about road safety related topics. (Score a third summer in a row working for MPI)
  • Marvelled at the beautiful province I live in and the people who live here.
  • Travelled to far off places, only to come back and be glad to call Manitoba home.
  • Most of all in 2011 I grew to become a better teacher!

Having been so busy in 2011 looking back it really feels like a blast from the past but as the new year has started and I begin think about what I would like to achieve this year, I can’t help but look back at what I learned and build upon it.

The year is barely 5 days old so here goes, in 2012 I hope to:

  • Keep growing as an educator both in the classroom and outside as a professional.
  • Keep blogging, reading blogs, engaging in the twitter community and reading professionally.
  • Find answers to the questions I have about assessment, differentiation, digital literacy and the mountain of others I have!
  • Foster the friendships and professional relationships I have built through my two years in my B.Ed
  • Continue to travel and bringing the world into my classroom.
  • Continue to integrate ESD into my teaching and spark a passion for environmentalism in my students hearts.
  • Use technology to strengthen my practice.
  • Work on the subjects that I am weak in and grow my teaching repertoire.
  • Somehow figure out how to bring in astrophotography into a lesson or two. (Sounds a bit dorky, but I have been wanting to do it since a fist year astronomy course! Amazing stuff!)

The Cone Nebula/ To nefeloma Konos, Photo by David Malin

C.C. The Cone Nebula/ To nefeloma Konos, Photo by David Malin


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