Surprise Smiles

Quote of the day:

“It’s not wrong. There are no

wrongs in art.”

                                       Grade Four Student

After enquiring about a doodle being made on a students piece of paper. Their classmate next to them piped up with the above quote. It made me smile because there are no mistakes in art, especially in an early years classroom when you are building their confidence.

The quote made me smile so much I immediately put the students words to work when speaking about a poetry lesson later in the afternoon. After asking the student to repeat the words she had said to me earlier in the day. I told the class that poetry is their art and as such there are no mistakes! The looks on their faces was fantastic! Taking away the fear of failure allowed them to take the risks they needed to!

The quote also reminds me of a baby blues cartoon strip I saw recently:!/MLBertram/status/144945636263997440/photo/1.




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