Collaboration can be scary but…it’s worth it

Have you ever had coffee with a colleague of friend who happens to work in the same field you do and walk away with your head buzzing full of ideas? Meeting with someone who you can bounce ideas off of, share inspiration or discuss philosophical questions helps you redefine ideas, confront your assumptions or examine your practices. It gives you the confidence in what you are doing and helps push you to try new things.

In essence what I am talking about here comes back to my last post about collaboration.

1. Sharing Ideas

2. Thinking through a idea

3. Challenges and pushes thinking

4. Exposure to a new viewpoint or new ideas

5. Access to new resources

6. Innovation

7. Refininig ideas and conceptions

8. Opens up new opportunities

9. Strengthens proffesional practice

10. Collaboration is fun!

Education is . . .


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