It’s time to get moving

Earlier this week I had the privilege of being part of an audience in a presentation on the Run, Jump, Throw program from Athletics Canada and Athletics Manitoba . It is a wonderful program that aims to help you children between the ages of 7 – 12 develop fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping and throwing, and have the opportunity to participatory/team competition.

The program achieves these goals through a series of different lessons that Phys Ed teachers or regular teachers can incorporate into their classrooms. The skills taught through the program are ones that all students can take with them throughout their lives and into any number of sports they participate in. It also helps introduce students to lifelong physical fitness and healthy lifestyle practices. With the increase in childhood obesity in North America it is vital to help students develop these healthy habits.

Teachers from around the province can certify in the program and bring what they have learnt into their schools! If you are interested check out Athletics Manitoba page ( or if you are outside of Manitoba check out Athletics Canada page (


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