Sustainability in the classroom

This past week while sitting in one of my long lectures we had a speaker come in and speak to us about Education for Sustainable development. As she spoke a lightbulb went off in my head, “This actually makes sense”.  It makes sense to incorporate sustainability into everything we do in the classroom and everything we teach. After all, the Earth is under increasing pressure from global warming and over population across the globe. And as an added bonus young students love getting involved in eco-projects where they feel they are empowered and can have an impact on their world! I found this out very quickly when doing a “Trashosaurus” project with a grade 1/2 classroom and again at a community center spring break camp (I will post some pics and details at a later date). Kids know what recycling is about, they know why it is important and best of all they embrace it wholeheartedly!

Here are a few links that I have found useful and interesting:

Manitoba department education for sustainable development:

Culture of Yes: Printing is not meant to be convenient:

I included this one because it made me think what sense it makes to send permission forms home in a digital format! Could you imagine, no more squished soggy letters in backpacks!

As I continue my research and exploration into how to included education for sustainability in the classroom I will keep adding to this post!