Connected Teachers!

So.. I am week one into my exploration of the virtual homes of educators and I am hooked! Every evening when I get home from my classes I find more and more blog posts, online articles and twitter discussions about education! It seems like the more I get acquainted with this online world, the more I find!

Out of curiousity I started a twitter account (you can follow me if you like, @PrairieEducator) and decided to see what all the ‘140 characters’ buzz was about and what it could mean for my professional practice.

At first I wasn’t quite sure where to start, do I tweet? What do I say? Who should I follow? What is an #educhat??! Well, as I quickly learned a twitter chat such as #educhat or #engchat or #schichat are forums where teachers and educators can ask questions or share information that are pretinent to education! Sometimes they will follow topics or are just random tid bits of information.

As I it stands now I have only tweeted 3 times, it’s hard for me to just say something, but I think with practice I will get better and I will be able to contribute to the community of connected teachers out there! I strongly encourage you to explore the world of twitter and to see what it can offer you!

Check out this article for more information: